Wait. Please wait.I have something else to offer.I’m not just stubborn and emotional.There’s more to me than what I said.No, what I showed you.I have something else to offerSo please don’t walk away yet. Wait. Please wait.I can be sweet. It depends with how you treat me.I am patient when you’re ready to give me... Continue Reading →

This Generation

We’ve made it a norm these daysI’m not worried telling you about my previous relationshipI was with baba ShiroYou met me while breaking it off with Jamaa wa PradoSo I don’t care much about you and bibi ya Mbugua.Last I checked I was sure Maureen was your girlBut you told me she wasn’tShe was just... Continue Reading →

Don’t Fall For Me

“I don’t like drama”“I’m shy but I talk when I’m comfortable around you”“I’m an introvert”“It will take time before you know the real me”These are my favorite lines on our first date. Don’t fall for them.Because I can give you hell when I wantI don’t know how to keep my mouth shutI nag and cry... Continue Reading →

When are you Ready to Move in?

When are you ready to move in?So I can have someone to fight with every morningI’m ready to give up my 1-hour bathroom right for youCan you move in so we can fight?About how you squeeze the toothpaste from the top?Then I’ll tell you this is not how I do thingsAnd I’ll wait to hear... Continue Reading →

Of Course I will Buy you Coffee

Of course I will buy you coffeeBut this is KenyaWe rarely do coffeeAll I know is chips and kukuBecause I want youBut I will buy you coffee Of course I will buy you coffeeBut you will pay for itNo, I’ll use my moneyYou can give me something elseSo I will buy you coffee Of course... Continue Reading →

Should I Get Married?

Should I get married?Should I tell him I am ready?To clean up after himAnd put his socks in the laundry basket?When dinner is ready, serve him firstThe juiciest, mouthwatering chicken thighsThat I always save for last.Should I be good and tell him that I am ready?To live, and love and cherish and holdNot my pillow,... Continue Reading →

He is my Light

Your plans are greater than mineYour tests are much more than I can fathomBut I know that you cannot not test me beyond what I can manageI will sit and hold on to my faithBecause I know you have greater things planned for meI will keep my hope aliveBecause I know you want to see... Continue Reading →

Zombie Syndrome

I get agitated sometimes. Don’t ask me why because I don’t understand myself sometimes either. It’s my day. I’m not making any excuses. Same ol’ shit I guess. The normal routine. I’m up by 7, get ready for work, do the same ol’ stuff for eight and a half hours, then go home. I’m sitting... Continue Reading →

Imperfect Perfectly

The day I met my tall dark and handsomeYes, mineI finally did itHe was everything I wantI knew this from the day we metHis words were rightHe had me at helloHe’s not perfectI know I’m notBut I can be with my imperfectionsFor the sake of his loveThat I yearn for desperatelyI may not be the... Continue Reading →

The Narcissist

Sometimes a good cup of tea relaxes my mind, but there are days a can of guarana and a pen gives this Luo girl some reason to be alive. I remember him – tall, dreadlocks, tattoo on his right arm and a smile that often fades in a second. He laughs when I touch his... Continue Reading →

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